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Hi there,
Thank you for taking time to read our blog. We are a group of budding bloggers who have been blogging online for a while.
We remembered the time when we first started and found it really tough to gain traction with our blogs. We wrote many blog posts but we did not have that many readers. We face the same difficulties that you are facing right now if you are starting to build your own blog. Things like what to write and how to monetize our blogs are among the many questions that we have staring flatly at us on a daily basis.
Of course, if writing is your strength then you are more fortunate than many of us.
Throughout this blog, we will strive to write content which would help you get started and how you can scale your blog up.
We may cover things from the ground up till how you can find success doing what you like and making a living out of it. Some of the posts may be too simple for you if you are a seasoned blogger, please bear with us and please feel free to skip over those posts which you already have some knowledge on.
Do feel free to venture through our little blog here and we hope you will enjoy your stay with us.